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Textile design: research and product customization

The creative office is the core of the mill, where textile design and technical expertise meet and merge


The art of textile design lies in translating a mood or an atmosphere into a surface whose material qualities fulfill certain visual and tactile criteria. The creative cross-pollination and sharing of design processes in close collaboration with fashion designers intensifies the quality of the exclusive samples that we develop jointly.

This begins with a study of colors. The recipe for coloring blends is developed through an empirical study of the feltrino, a small sample of blended, carded, hand-felted wool that visualizes the coloring effects of the yarn and the end fabric, and reveals the structure in terms of the percentages of the quality and quantity of the dyed wools that make up the blend.

A test sample is then made to verify the application of the yarns, combined according to weaves and designs prepared by the textile designer. This sample consists of a blanket of cloth that includes a mosaic of different variations yielded by the orthogonal weaving of warp and weft. The design considers the compatible intersections, but the actual result often contains unexpected and potentially interesting combinations as well.

Project, graphic & code:

Spironelli Digital Things


Martina Bernardi

Nico Covre

Francesco De Luca

Annalisa Durighello

Anthony Wallace

Cooperativa Fardjma

Photography & video:

Mattia Mionetto


Federico Segat