SS 2023


Spring/Summer 2023 collection

The Spring/Summer 2023 collection features a wide variety of textile patterns, weights and with different tactile sensations, a tribute to classic designs but also the result of a
search for patterns that stand out.
Moreover, it differs from past ones for various “first time that”…

We have created fabrics with the gauze weave technique, traditionally used in knitwear and shirt-making, in which the more open weaving gives lightness and breathability, ideal characteristics for the hot season.
Some items are piece-dyed and splittable double-face, a technique which allows to
separate the two sides for special effects in the creation and tailoring of garments.
And last but not least, the research in the area of sustainability continues this year with the use of GRS (Global Recycle Standard) yarns created with recycled material, a significant step forward in our desire to have a low environmental impact.

There are those who take comfort in the classics, in the soft and reassuring colors, and on the contrary those who have an even more intense thirst for strong colors, surprise combinations, fabrics that are a tribute to life and the warm seasons…
We hope that this optimism continues strongly beyond the summer!

“The past thrown behind, the future left unimagined, for the sake of the glorious, difficult, passionate present”

Lisel Mueller

Project, graphic & code:

Spironelli Digital Things


Martina Bernardi

Nico Covre

Francesco De Luca

Annalisa Durighello

Anthony Wallace

Cooperativa Fardjma

Photography & video:

Mattia Mionetto


Federico Segat