AW 22.23


Autumn/Winter Collection 2022/23

The new collection, in its usual breadth and variety, focuses on fabrics that are soft to the
touch and which at the sight give a sense of comfort thanks to the addition of soft wools
such as mohair, which furthermore lends itself well to three-dimensional effects and
greater movement of the textile surface.
Moreover, the collection expands with the enlarged section of fabrics created with natural
not-dyed wool from nearby Alpago area, and see the introduction of a new “family” called
Heritage, born from the study of the textile archives of the wool mill with particular attention
to production in the period 1938/39, a very interesting collection for both historical and
textile reasons and which we will deepen through the blog and social channels. An
initiative that has been going on for some time and is finally making its formal debut!

“Making the simple complicated is trivial; transforming what is complicated into something
simple, incredibly simple: this is creativity.”

(Charles Mingus)

Project, graphic & code:

Spironelli Digital Things


Martina Bernardi

Nico Covre

Francesco De Luca

Annalisa Durighello

Anthony Wallace

Cooperativa Fardjma

Photography & video:

Mattia Mionetto


Federico Segat