PE 2025


Spring/Summer Collection 2025

For Spring 2025 the new collection is made up of multiple themes, some of which cross and unite different groups, thanks to a continuity given for example by the same type or color of yarn used in different fabrics, as we had already explored in our latest Winter collection .
The materiality of the structures creates particular visual and tactile effects in the various fabrics and is one of the elements that run through and consolidate the whole collection.

Raw Tweed theme
Moving surfaces, raw feel, buttoned, slub and frisé yarns. A series of fabrics in cotton mixed with hemp and silk, which recall the sporty aura of classic tweed in some cases, in others recalls the more elegant approach of Coco Chanel’s tailleurs.
Tweed also marries the world of checks and other fantasy designs, in a fun and entertaining mix.

Light Gold theme
Natural, neutral colors, light wool muslins in a warm white, very discreet shiny threads, pale gold, fine cotton mixed with hemp/linen/silk/cashmere. In this section we have daytime fabrics that give off light and others that recall the night, luxury, the play of mesh surfaces alternating solids and voids.
Yarns that overlap creating structures with a strong sense of three-dimensionality.
These fabrics sit well alongside the “luxury package,” which includes very soft lightweight wools too. Furthermore, in most of the Light Gold fabrics there is a chromatic continuity with the Raw Tweed group, giving the possibility of creating interesting combinations.

Denim Theme
As in the same theme developed in Autumn/Winter 2024/25, the search for fabrics that reinterpret the denim world continues. Hence there are some rough, informal but also lurex bases, in a game of references that avoids the classic diagonals so as not to fall into the obvious.

Revisited Classics Theme
Prince of Wales, stripes, checks, madras, classic designs worked with fancy yarns (buttoned, frisé, slub, two-tone twisted) to obtain a fresh, renewed effect. The same result is also enhanced through color variations with unusual combinations and decisive, lively nuances, which give life to captivating combinations between the fabrics within the collection.

Man Theme
A range of fabrics with minimal designs but a strong personality, imagining garments that would be classic and contemporary at the same time, such as an unconventional pinstripe with barely visible golden waves on a cotton base with a washed effect… très chic!

“Again and again, the tireless cry of cicadas pierces the sultry summer air like a needle at work through thick cotton cloth.”

(Yukio Mishima)

Project, graphic & code:

Spironelli Digital Things


Martina Bernardi

Nico Covre

Francesco De Luca

Annalisa Durighello

Anthony Wallace

Cooperativa Fardjma

Photography & video:

Mattia Mionetto


Federico Segat