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The character of wools from different countries

More than two centuries of experience go into Lanificio Paoletti’s careful selection of wools that contribute to the high quality of the fabrics that the mill produces

The wools used in Lanificio Paoletti’s textile production are divided by country of origin, race of sheep, and characteristics:


Australia / Australian Merino / Thin, with a beautiful color

New Zealand / Corriedale / Stout and bright

Argentina / Falkland / Ordinary, white, and puffy

Argentina / Patagonia / Very white, medium thickness

England / Cheviot / Ordinary, with a good white color and a very strong fiber

England / Black Face / Ordinary and strong

England / Shetland / Ordinary, with good color

Sweden / Gutefa / Dark, long fiber

Iceland / Icelandic / Bright, can be blended with Mohair

Italy (Dolomites) / Alpagota / Ordinary, yellow in color, puffy

Lanificio Paoletti is actively involved in a “zero-kilometer” local manufacturing project where wool is harvested from an endangered, indigenous species of sheep in collaboration with the Fardjma shepherds’ cooperative. The virgin wool from the Alpagota sheep yields a naturally blended yarn because of its multicolor fleece.

The blended wool yarns produced by the mill alternate and are combined with woven yarns produced by Italy’s major textile districts, including Biella, Como, and Prato.


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Martina Bernardi

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