Lanificio Paoletti

.Lanificio Paoletti @ Première Vision

Paris / booth 5J32-5K33 / September 19-20-21 2018

Lanificio Paoletti, since 1795

Lanificio Paoletti is a several centuries-old textile manufacturer that specializes in the complete cycle of creating and producing textiles made of pure, carded wool. The wool mill was founded in 1795 and is now managed by the tenth generation of the family. We work with the most exclusive fashion brands in Italy and around the world, marrying research and tradition with a sense of spirit and grace.

Manufacturing structure: wool processing from flock to fabric


Textiles: from raw to fancy


A textile mill with two hundred years of history

.A/W 2019-20

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Martina Bernardi

Nico Covre

Francesco De Luca

Annalisa Durighello

Anthony Wallace

Cooperativa Fardjma

Photography & video:

Mattia Mionetto


Federico Segat

Project, graphic & code:

Studio Blend